Trish Bilich

A Minds Eye  Reflections of Life  Trish Bilich

”Art . . . Freedom, creativity and courage all splashed together on life's canvas.
Expression, emotion and imagination where the heart, art spirit, body and mediums infuse together creating, depicting reflections of life.” 

If I can evoke a feeling or a memory through a painting or a drawing then I have successfully communicated and that is always a heartfelt moment. My interpretations are created from the heart and core of the soul.
My passion for art comes from my childhood, always observing nature, people and the colorful palette of life’s experiences. Always striving to learn, explore, create and capture the moment. I'm grateful for the everyday beauty that surrounds us and privileged to be able to share a journey through a mind’s eye of life.


My Motto

Art is Life… Live it, Love it, Paint it!

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