Teresa Fry-Green 

T. (Teresa) Fry-Green's art career has been a long and expansive journey . She has worked as a mural ist , accepted an abundance of commissions, opened her own gallery, worked in both public and private studios, taught classes, and created several public art pieces. Throughout most of her caree r, her art styl e would have been described as representational realism... even hyperrea lism.
However, there is a season for everything. A few years ago, her very realistic paint ing style no longer fed her creative needs. Teresa longed to find the excitement of creating again, much like a sma ll chil d with a new box of Crayons. She was drawn to a more abstract style of painting . To paint more intu itively was ju st the freedom she had been seeking. Through trial, error and her new found freedom, T. Fry Gree n continues to evolve with each paintiflg . This phase of her career has been described as a " colorf ul playground of visual charm."
In 2017, Teresa and her husband, Ron, relocated to Macon GA., and so, another adventure began. Sh e continues to be a prolific artist and appreciates Macon' s wonderful efforts in growing a vibrant art communi ty. She enjoys participating in local art shows and exhibits. All the while, expanding her online presences reaching a worldwide au dience.
Teresa has worked in the art field in some capacity for the last three decades. She continues to look for fresh and contemporary ways to follow her artistic path.


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